Finest Awards - Insights and Analysis over the years

The Finest Awards event recognizes the best of our health care marketing and communications industry within Southern California. These awards recognize digital and traditional media, special events, and the metrics that measure success. Receipt of a Finest Award represents excellence in your field and line of work.

This report is a summary of entries since 2017, sharing insights on your entries by category.

We hope this will help you with your future submissions.

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Top Campaign Categories of All Time

The top entries by Category over time

  • Publications, Collateral & Design 22%
  • Advertising 21%
  • Public Relations 18%

Publications, Collateral & Design - Entries by Sub Category

While Internal/External Newsletters and Internal/External Magazines are just two of the categories that fall under Publications, Collateral and Design, special publications and logo creation/brand identity are popular subcategories as well.

Advertising - Entries by Sub Category

While Ad Campaign and Print are highly competitive sub categories, there are still several more focused options

  • Multicultural ad campaign
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Paid Programming
  • Outdoor
  • Online/Web

Digital Marketing is another category with various subcategories that could meet your Advertising entry needs such as Mobile Marketing, Social Media, or our new category influencer and affiliate marketing.

Public Relations - Entries by Sub Category

Media Relations is the highest entered subcategory followed by Internal Communications and Overall Campaign tied.

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