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Virtual Happy Hours with HCC

Hear What Southern California Health Care Marketers are Talking About

How to deal with sensitivity with social media and PR messaging

  • Look for feel good local stories, human interest
  • Tips on how to communicate in the times of COVID
  • How to deal with anxiety
  • Online meditation and yoga
  • Behavioral Health during COVID

How are you reaching out to new business in this time

  • Keep going on with existing customers
  • New customers - growth departments may still be ramping up
  • Thinking ahead for what the future looks like
  • Adding a clause, contingencies
  • Share successes and learnings that you've had with other clients
  • Health care share with others on how to be safe
  • Cheat sheet, tips and tricks on how to navigate
  • Delivery content with value and time relevance
  • Access, hear from an expert
  • Avoid being tone deaf

Employee engagement ideas

  • National work from home in your pj's
  • Sr. Leadership team sends a theme and submit photos
  • MWF call for check ins
  • Clients set up happy hours
  • MWF lunch check ins
  • Innovation Friday
  • Weekly theme with photos
  • Virtual townhalls
  • Bingo score card for conference calls

How have your tactics or strategies changed to plan for when things open back up?

  • Start back up biz dev sessions
  • Start discussions about what does it look like 60-90 days from now
  • This is the time to work on those things you've put off

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