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Category 1: Advertising

1a. Ad Campaign - Entries must include more than one medium (print, television, radio, outdoor or direct mail) designed for a single organization, product or service.

1b. Multicultural ad campaign - Entries must include more than one medium (print, television, radio, outdoor, direct mail, Web/online) AND be specifically crafted to reach a multilingual/multicultural target market. Include specific strategies and attention to cultural sensitivities employed to reach a particular market.

1c. Print - Single or series, color or B&W

1d. Direct Mail – single or series

1e. Radio – single or series, any length

1f. Television – single or series, under 60 seconds

1g. Paid Programming – single or series, over 60 seconds

1h. Outdoor – (submit as an 8×10” photo)

1i. Online/Web - single or series, static or motion. May include web banners/ads. Include copy of ad(s) and click-thru results.

Category 2: Public Relations Campaigns​

​2a. Overall Campaign - Entries should employ three or more of the following categories below that helped further a public relations objective.

2b. Media Relations – Entries should reflect tactics, programs and events driven entirely by media relations for a single health care product, service or event. Submit press releases, media advisories, pitch letters, press kits, etc., along with evidence of the resulting media coverage.

2c. Community Relations – Programs that seek to win the support or cooperation of, or aim to improve relations with people or groups within the community served by the sponsoring organization. This includes: special events, public outreach, education efforts or strategic partnerships with community groups.

2d. Internal Communications – Programs targeting audiences directly affected by the sponsoring organization, such as employees, members or affiliates (such as physicians within a hospital or health system). Campaign should employ a variety of tactics.

2e. Multicultural Relations – Entries should reflect how it is essential to understand the importance of reaching America’s minority groups by developing strategies and communications specialized for an ethnic market. This may include: research, public relation campaigns or programs developed with the purpose of reaching ethnic markets.

2f. Health & Wellness Advocacy – Campaigns and programs developed to help members of the community change negative behaviors and prevent health issues. Campaigns may include: self-care books and programs, wellness newsletters, wellness help lines, custom-developed health education programs, etc.

2g. Crisis Communications – Campaigns and programs designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation as a result of an unexpected situation or event. This may include: media relations and management, public messaging, community education, etc.

​​Category 3: Writing​

​3a. News Release / Pitch Letter – Resulting media coverage not required; however, including it will help the judges determine the effectiveness of your approach.

3b. Op-Ed / Editorial – Please include proof of publication.

3c. Bylined / Feature Article – Online or print. Please include proof of publication.

3d. Blog/Vlog - Your audience is the organization, patient population, staff or community. Include examples of written posts and/or videos.

Category 4: Publications, Collateral & Design​

​4a. Internal / External Newsletters – Electronic or print. Include two consecutive issues.

4b. Internal / External Magazines – Electronic or print. Include two consecutive issues.

4c. Special Publications – One-time books, white papers, annual reports, infographics or programs

4d. Brochures – single or series

4e. Posters - single or series

4f. Invitation

4g. Giveaway Items – Pens, t-shirts, mugs, bags, etc.

4h. Logo Creation / Brand Identity – Either a new logo/identity or significant redesign for a health care organization or business. Include a description of the creative process and why the final design was chosen. Please include samples of materials demonstrating the logo’s usage.

​​Category 5: Multi-Media

5a. Internal / External Video Programs – Entries may include an educational video, launching of a new service, employee wellness, testimonial, message from the CEO, etc.

5b. Video News Releases

5c. Interactive Media - Submit text or multimedia content for media such as podcasts, virtual tours, interactive applications, mobile apps, etc. Must be able to demonstrate effective results based on engagement, traffic or overall impact on target audience.

Category 6: Special Events

​6a. Single-day Event or Observance

6b. Multi-day Event or Observance

6c. Virtual Event (s) – Discuss how you transitioned from in person events if applicable, what did you adjust in your strategy to market events and what have these efforts achieved for your organization.

Category 7: Digital Marketing 

​7a. Website (Intranet or Internet) – May include a new function, feature or page of an existing website, and/or a website or webpage redesign. Include URL and screen shots of the site or page.

7b. Mobile Marketing - app, website, ad strategy, etc. 

7c. Social Media – Submit social networking strategies including specific social media platform(s). Must be able to demonstrate effective results based on engagement, traffic or overall impact on target audience.

7d. Search Engine Marketing - SEO, pay-per-click campaign, etc. Include rationale for strategy and click-thru results with time spent, pages viewed and bounce back rate.

7e. Influencer Marketing – Include goal/initiative, tactics (macro influencers, micro, types of content used (photo/video/reels/stories/paid). Cadence and impact to traffic on website, followers gained, conversions.

7f. Virtual Meeting backgrounds – Creative backdrop for virtual meetings. Include how this helped attendance, engagement and overall moral at your organization.

(new) 7g. Email Campaign - Single email or email series, patient or prospecting, interactivity, innovation and design. Include volume, interaction results and conversions. 

Category 8: Analytics

8a. Marketing Automation - Show how software platforms created a more effective, multi-channel campaign (such as email, social media, websites, etc.), including trigger campaigns.

8b. Lifecycle Marketing - From lead generation, to nurturing leads and annual reminders, show how these have addressed the needs of your new or existing patients/clients/customers over time.

8c. Predictive Modeling - Describe how predictive modeling has helped refine targeting of a campaign and improved results.

8d. Market Research - By conducting primary research such as market studies or focus groups, show how market research provided insight that helped shape strategy and improve results of a campaign or program.

Category 9: Off the Wall

​Have something unconventional you’re really proud of that doesn’t fall into any other category, like an alternative, buzz, grassroots, guerilla, viral or word-of mouth marketing project? Enter it in this category!

Please note that some entries entered into this category may fit into a traditional category and will be moved to the appropriate category. Non-traditional entries must be accompanied by proof of usage.

"Best in Show" Award

The entry with the single highest score will take home the coveted “Best in Show” award.

Communicator of the Year Award (COTY)

The COTY award is the highest honor given each year in recognition of outstanding and successful health care professionals.

Eligible nominees are individuals who consistently demonstrate excellence in health care communications through service to their organization and/or the health care industry as a whole.

There is no entry fee for COTY nominations.

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